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Petersfield Colour

Pocket Digital Radio

The Petersfield Colour is the latest addition to the Petersfield series, and features an LED colour screen alongside the original great features of rechargeable pocket-size portability, DAB/DAB+ and FM radio. With a curved finish and compact size, the Petersfield Colour is perfect for easily placing in your pocket.


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Personally designed in Cambridge, England, the Petersfield Colour has been developed from the popular Majority Petersfield to have improved portability and functionality, with the additional touch of an LED colour screen and dual alarm clock. Despite its pocket-size, the Colour offers a range of features, a fantastic display and up to 11.5 hours of playback in a single charge!

Light and compact, the Petersfield Colour is fantastic to listen at home or slip into your pocket to take on the go. With a sheeny black finish and sleek curved edges, the Colour is practical on the go and easy to slip into your pocket on busy days.
With the built-in aerial in the earphones provided, the Colour will receive a broad range of radio stations from a variety of genres. Offering great variety and a range of settings, including a dual alarm, brightness options and a sleep timer, the Colour can be tailored make it yours.

Up to two alarms can be set on the radio, which will sound via the connected earphones. Set the regularity of the alarms to Daily, Once, Weekdays or Weekends and wake up to your favourite station on DAB or FM.

A convenient sleep timer also features on the radio to automatically switch the radio off after the selected period of time.

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The Petersfield Colour offers a quick set-up with an easy to use instructions guide, allowing you to begin listening to digital DAB/DAB+ radio almost instantly.

When you’re listening to a great station, you can set it as a favourite preset option in a two-step method. With the choice of setting up to 20 preset stations on your radio with 10 on DAB/DAB+ and 10 on FM, you can now easily locate your favourite station and begin playing.


DAB+ & FM Radio

20 Memory Presets

Auto Scan Tuning

Rechargeable Battery

Colour LCD Screen

Lockable Buttons


Dimensions 7.7 x 1.5 x 6 cm
Weight 0.07 kg

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Product Rating

4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Majority Parkside Colour Pocket DAB Radio
Product Reviews
4.0 rating

February 21, 2019
Its small, so very portable. I have poor eye sight, so a good screen was a must for me, and this radio has a very readable screen (it is colour LED which is much better than monochrome LCD screens some products have which I cannot read). The unit is well built, the buttons click well. The unit is made of shiny plastic which gathers fingerprints, one worry for me is if the screen will get scratched, so it would be nice if it was supplied with a case. (I use an earbud case bought off eBay.) The earphones are in ear canal buds which I hate, but they seem fine if that is what you like. I use my own headphones.
The FM radio works as well as most portable FM radios I’ve tried, (with the expected FM hiss). It has RDS so I can see which station is tuned in, but when you add an FM station to the preset list it stores the frequency not the RDS station name, which is a bit of a disappointment. The DAB/DAB+ radio produces crisp sound when there is a strong signal (in my case, when outside, but not indoors). You can store presets and this time the DAB station name is used. Of course, if DAB reception is not good the sound breaks up and can drop entirely which is annoying and there is no option but switch to FM. This is a problem with DAB, but it would be nice if you could link presets so when a DAB is low signal it automatically switches to the associated FM.
The unit has a sleep mode to switch off after a certain time (if going to sleep with earphones on is your thing) and it has two alarms. When the unit is on and you press the off button once it goes into standby mode (press twice and it switches off entirely). In standby mode the screen shows the time, and it will switch on and sound a buzzer or switch to FM or DAB when the alarm time is reached. There is no external speaker, so you need to have your earphones on to hear the alarm! I guess this is useful if you are listening to one station and want a reminder to change to another station at a particular time.
I have only used it a couple of days so I don’t know what the battery is like. So far it has only had one charge, so at the moment it looks good.
The cons. When the unit switches on it always starts at volume 04 which is inaudible (you need something like 12). It would be nice if it switched on with the volume setting you last used (after all it uses the last DAB station you last used). A cheap case would be nice.
Richard Grimes
4.0 rating

February 19, 2019
It is a good device, easy to use with a great look.
The receiver works well butt the signal must be strong.
Not indicated if you want to use it on a car.
The battery is expected to last almost 11 hours but I was not able to play it longer than six hours (still good for me).
Software could freeze on power on; in this case it is sufficient to execute e reset using a pin. The price on Amazon is almost 50% less than on Majority official site. For me at that price it is a good deal; probably 90 pounds are to much.

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