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Digital & Internet Radio Music System

Introducing the Majority King’s – an all-in-one Hi-Fi stereo internet radio, with DAB+ , FM, CD player, Bluetooth and many other connections. Enjoy listening to your own audio or delve into a limitless variety of stations in HD 30W patented sound.


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Perfect for your kitchen or living room, the King’s has a beautifully crafted wooden finish and chrome front display finish that makes it a beautiful stand out feature in any home. As part of the Majority brand, the King’s internet radio has been designed to create a flawless synchrony of design and spectrum sound.

Experience a spectacle of global radio and cultures with the Majority King’s, or keep your radio experience close to home with local radio. With thousands of stations to be discovered from every country all over the world in the convenience of your home, radio has now become an adventure.
If local or national radio is your desired choice, easily navigate to these stations under the ‘Local Radio’ mode on internet, DAB/DAB and FM radio. To conveniently access your favourite stations, you can also set 150 stations as your preset favourites.

The King’s includes a range of ports and features to enjoy your own music and streaming services. With the built-in CD player you can begin enjoying your favourite CDs, or connect your devices through a variety of connectivity points.

Using the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity or UPnP, you can immerse yourself in a spectrum of sound and enjoy your favourite playlists from the apps on your phone such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and many other streaming services. For devices without Bluetooth, connect to the radio via the AUX port or even insert a USB stick with MP3 files into the radio via the USB port.

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Simply connect the radio to your WiFi network to gain access to international stations that are categorised into Country, Genre and Global Top 20 for convenient navigation.
Roam around your radio with the convenience of the supplied remote control as you switch between radio modes, alter settings and preset over 150 of your favourite stations on internet radio, DAB/DAB and FM.

Adjust the screen brightness on the LCD colour screen to personalise the radio to what is right for you. This makes the radio perfect for any room, including on your kitchen side, living room or bedroom.

Experience your favourite audio in high definition with the two 15W stereo speakers. Offering Hi-Fi sound to enjoy your favourite stations and audio experience, the King’s offers an impressive and high-quality audio experience to enhance music display.


DAB+, FM & Internet Radio

CD Player


Remote Control

Headphone Jack

USB Port


Dimensions 37.6 x 13.6 x 20 cm
Weight 3.7 kg

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Product Rating

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 40 reviews)
Majority King's Internet Radio Music System
Product Reviews
5.0 rating

February 9, 2019
5.0 rating

February 7, 2019
Gutes Gerät. Macht alles was es soll. Sendersuch etwas schwierig – na ja, kein Wunder bei der Masse der Sender.
5.0 rating

February 5, 2019
I purchased a ‘Majority Kings’ ( walnut brown ) … with some apprehension recently due to the huge price drop from £229.95 to £82.95 ( inclusive of delivery via iZilla in UK ). What could be wrong or obsolete if such a massive price cut is called for ???: – but after several days use all functions seem to continue working well ~ and I could consider this to be possibly the co-equal best performance ‘table-top broadcast radio receiver’ that I’ve owned in 60+ years of listening ! Put off by the high price of the ‘Como Audio: Musica Wireless Speaker’ and ‘PURE Evoke C-F6 ‘ ~ i therefore purchased instead a highly rated ‘ LEMEGA M5+’ and later an ‘ auna Connect CD • Internet Radio ‘ for other rooms in my house. The ‘Majority Kings’ seems very similar in specifications to all the preceding mentioned companies models, providing very good (stereo) sound reproduction for a box of that size – from many thousands of broadcasters around the world ( provided there is a good internet WiFi or bluetooth connectivity in the room where the ‘ Majority Kings ‘ is located). Without WiFi or bluetooth connection it remains a capable receiver for local and regional VHF FM and DAB(+) broadcasts, as well as having a CD player and USB memory stick audio media playback facility. If genuinely interested in listening to broadcast programmes content from one’s own country and others around the world …this approach to broadcast radio receiver design seems to me of more current generation practical value than a ” general coverage LW/MW/SW communications receiver ” covering typically 150Khz to 30Mhz which could be useful for hearing radio amateurs and other non-broadcast radio transmissions ~ but which does not have anywhere near as many _broadcast_ stations accessible to fixed location listeners. I have not found the ‘Majority Kings’ to be inferior in appearance or performance to similar ( more expensive ) products of other companies. If you like the external appearance of the ‘Majority Kings’ – then there would seem little if any advantage to purchase a more expensive alternative for domestic table-top use. The ‘3 years free extended warranty’ offered could be an additional incentive to purchase ~ if the surprisingly low price ( “too good to be true / get what you pay for attitude” ? ) might tend to suggest a wary cautionary approach. So far all is well; and in some respects I personally prefer a few of the design approaches in the ‘Majority Kings’ above that of the (more expensive) competition. 👍😀
Anthony Stokes

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