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Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Socket Speaker

Easily connect your Darwin smart speaker to your WiFi and set up the product to the Amazon Alexa app to begin hands-free voice-controlled services such as Amazon music, TuneIn radio services or plan your day with the calendar and timer options. From your device, you can also select your favourite Spotify playlists to play on the Majority Darwin speaker via your Spotify Premium account. Begin playing other media from your phone, tablet or other device via Bluetooth connectivity.


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Simply sign in to your Amazon account via the Majority app to begin experiencing Amazon Voice Services through your Majority Darwin. Once connected, you can play music, make calls, send and receive messages, and receive news, weather and sport information on your voice demand. Also make the most of Alexa’s services and apps for entertainment or convenience. The near-field voice recognition feature is highly alert and allows you to command “Alexa” even when you have music already playing.

The Darwin speaker is as smart as it sounds. With a removal adapter plug board on the unit, you can simply remove and replace a different plug type on the smart speaker – this allows you to plug the speaker into any room in your home, including the bathroom. Simply clasp on the 2 Pin UK bathroom adapter socket to the Darwin speaker and plug into your Bathroom 2 pin socket.

Designed with a steam-proof design feature to ensure safe and enjoyable listening, the Darwin speaker is the first plug-in Alexa enabled smart speaker that can be used in your bathroom. Whilst in the shower or getting ready for your day, ask Alexa to report your calendar or give your friend a call to rearrange your location for coffee.

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If you have a Spotify Premium account, you can go to your device and select your favourite Spotify playlist to share with your guests. Simply select the Majority Darwin as your speaker to begin listening to your favourite music through the built-in compact speaker.

Please note that you cannot command “Alexa” to play from Spotify, it must be selected from the Spotify app like a remote.

As well as enjoying Amazon Alexa services and Spotify Connect, you can also listen to your own media on your device via wireless input Bluetooth connectivity. Put the Darwin speaker into Bluetooth mode and connect your Bluetooth device, such as a phone or tablet, to the Darwin speaker to begin playing your own media via other apps.

Add multiple Amazon enabled Majority smart speakers on the Majority app and connect them together to create a multi-room service. Link them together to play the same audio in every room, or disconnect them to choose the audio for the room you are in (the Majority Darwin is only able to be connected to other Majority smart speakers for the multi-room feature).

Simply download the Majority app and Amazon Alexa app to get started! Follow the quick-start guide for a convenient and stress-free set up, or use the easy-follow instructions guide for some additional support on setting up the Majority Darwin.


Voice Recognition

Amazon Alexa Services & Apps

Spotify Connect


Shaver Socket Adapter

Steam Proof


Dimensions 9 x 9 x 9.3 cm
Dimensions 0.16 kg

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Majority Darwin Alexa Socket Speaker
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5.0 rating

March 23, 2019
5.0 rating

March 7, 2019
Excellent product .Good value for money
Matthew Mcelhatton
5.0 rating

February 24, 2019
fantastic product easy to set up good value for the money
colin fincham

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