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Snowdon II

DVD Player

Reunite with your favourite films or TV series and encounter them with impressive visuals. With the DVD player’s multi-regional functionality, you can now enjoy DVDs from everywhere in the world. Use the USB port to insert a USB stick with your favourite films, TV series and media for a Saturday night in, or something more up-tempo.

We believe that sound experience for your TV and devices should not be limited. Every home is different and the Snowdon II is able to be tailored to anyone’s preference. With the easy to use remote, you can change the treble and bass settings at the click of a button whilst also selecting a music mode that heightens music, movies or dialog to be played at its best.

Connect your Bluetooth device to the sound bar to enjoy your favourite music with surround sound quality. With a simple and effortless set up, you can quickly pair your device to the sound bar and begin streaming from music services, apps or radio. For devices without Bluetooth, devices can be connected to the sound bar via the provided 3.5mm audio cable.

Use the supplied RCA stereo audio cable to connect the sound bar to your TV efficiently and without all the mess. The Snowdon II also has an optical input port if you wish to connect your sound bar to your TV via an optical audio cable (not supplied). Now simply set the Snowdon II up in your home to get your fantastic audio experience started.

Bulit-in Subwoofer

Remote Control


2.1ch Front Surround

Treble & Bass Settings

AUX & Optical Connections


Dimensions81 x 8.3 x 8.3 cm
Weight1.2 kg

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1 review for Snowdon II

  1. Julie Newbon

    Nice design. Fits well in front of my TV. Useful remote control.
    Sound better through Bluetooth than through TV but might be better with a different audio lead.

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