Shelford II - Majority

Shelford II

Portable Retro Digital Radio

A classic-looking vintage DAB/DAB+ digital radio offering modern performance. With its leather effect finish and a variety of colours to choose from, the Majority Shelford is a radio for everyone. This DAB/DAB+ and FM radio can also be made portable with 4 x 1.5C batteries to take it on the go.


Being a great radio means having great features, and the Shelford is just that. With the option to set a dual alarm clock with either FM or DAB/DAB+ radio stations, snooze features and a dimmable screen, the Shelford II provides style and functionality. Easily select these functions on the Shelford’s easy to use display screen.

The Shelford II is more than just its classic and vintage appearance – it also provides fantastic audio sound for your digital radio experience. With a telescopic aerial and the ability to set 20 stations (10 FM & 10 DAB), the Shelford II is best way to play your favourite digital and FM stations for your enjoyment or as your wake up call.

Variety and portability is what makes the Shelford II stand out from the crowd. Whether you would like FM or DAB, or an alarm clock with impressive sleep functions and dual alarm setting – the Shelford II has it all. With the addition of optional portability, this radio is able to be tailored to you.

DAB+ & FM Radio

Battery Portable

Dual Alarm

Headphone Jack

LCD Screen

20 Memory Presets


Dimensions25 x 10 x 15 cm
Weight1.15 kg

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4 reviews for Shelford II

  1. Sheena gardiner

    Sheena Gardiner 12/6/2019 l love the sound love the colour it matches kitchen I would recommend

  2. Melanie Davies

    Great Sound. Great Looking. Pre-Programmed 10 Radio stations – Its All Mine !! Love It!!

  3. Shirley Spellar

    I love this radio, the red matches my kitchen so looks great too! Excellent purchase. Would highly recommend.

  4. Robert Elliott

    Nice looks, great sound, love it

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