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Petersfield Go

Pocket Digital Radio

The Petersfield Go is part of Majority’s new active range of portable and rechargeable DAB+ and FM pocket-size radio’s. With the clip-on function at the back of the radio, you can clasp the radio to your clothing – making it perfect for sports, or just to take it on the go as you walk.

Personally designed in Cambridge, England, the Petersfield Go has been developed from the popular Majority Petersfield to have improved portability and functionality for sports and activity. Despite its pocket-size, the Go offers a fantastic audio experience and features 10-12 hours of playback in a single charge!

With the built-in aerial in the earphones provided, the Go will receive a broad range of radio stations from a variety of genres and the additional feature of DAB+ allows you to discover new stations. Offering great variety and a bass-like sound, this compact radio is ready to impress.

The Petersfield Go offers a quick set-up with an easy to use instructions guide, allowing you to begin listening to digital DAB/DAB+ radio almost instantly. Use the lock-button feature to stop your on-the-go movement from changing your selected station and settings.

When you’re listening to a great station, you can set it as a preset option in a two-step method.

DAB+ & FM Radio

Auto Scan Tuning

Rechargeable Battery

Lockable Buttons

Colour LCD Screen

20 Memory Presets


Dimensions7.5 x 5.4 x 1.2 cm
Weight0.06 kg

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9 reviews for Petersfield Go

  1. Peter Brown

    Fantastic little personal dab radio that out performs the the high street branded radios costing many times more. I have used this for several months and I can’t fault it in any way. It picks up the signal well and sound clarity is perfect. To give credit where it’s due, I honestly cannot recommend this highly enough.

  2. Edward Bourne

    Had it one day it’s really good and light you don’t know that you have it in your pocket.

  3. Gazz

    great sounding little DAB radio picks up plenty of station in DAM and FM modes perfectly. Has great sound, good loud volume from radio and SDcard. My only complaint is it very difficult to select particular albums, tracks from MicroSD card that i have inserted.

  4. Ray Woolnough

    Excellent product, small and neat, fits and clips in the pocket decreatly.

  5. Justin Yorks

    Seem a very good very small
    Pocket radio, easy to set up and use, earphones very poor fit but work well if you can keep them in.

  6. peter langton

    Surprised at the quality for this price I paid.
    The earphones are excellent reproduction.
    Probably the easyist to use I’ve ever bought in this price range

  7. Shirley Hull

    Perfect size for listening in the garden when weeding etc. Easy to use with a sturdy clip, and I like the clear digital display.

  8. Graham Cairns

    Easy to use from the box and sound quality is excellent from own headphones.

  9. Miles Davies

    Impressive small radio with DAB and FM. Easy to use and volume is loud enough to overcome my poor hearing.

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