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Peterhouse Graduate

Internet Radio & Music System

Encounter a whole world of internet radio and Spotify Connect with the Majority Peterhouse Graduate. Enjoy thousands of radio stations from all over the world or your local favourites, or enjoy listening to your own audio via Bluetooth, Spotify Connect or other convenient connections.


Experience a spectacle of global radio and cultures with the Peterhouse Graduate on internet radio. With thousands of stations to explore and over 150+ presets that can be set, you will be spoilt for choice. If local or national radio is your desired choice, easily navigate to these stations under the ‘Local Radio’ mode on internet radio.

The radio also comes with a remote control for you to easily navigate around radio and media (batteries not included – 2 AAA required).

As a Spotify Premium user, you can easily connect your Spotify account to the radio via the ‘Spotify Connect’ mode. In a few steps, you can begin listening to thousands of albums, songs, podcasts and playlists through the Peterhouse Graduate’s intricate and designed speaker sound system.

Wirelessly connect your Bluetooth device to the radio in a two-step set up. Simply set up and begin experiencing fantastic albums, playlists and streaming services via the radio to enjoy your favourite music in HD spectrum sound.
For devices without Bluetooth, connect your device via UPnP or the AUX port. For additional choice, insert a USB stick to begin playing MP3 files or albums from your PC, or connect your device via a USB cable to begin charging from the radio.

Adjust the screen brightness on the LCD colour screen to personalise the radio to what is right for you. This makes the radio perfect for any room, including on your kitchen side, living room or bedroom.

Experience your favourite audio in high definition with HD 30W patented stereo speakers. Our design team have put great detail into achieving a speaker system that creates a spectacle of sound with fantastic variety.
Easy set-up and navigation

Simply connect the radio to your WiFi network to gain access to internet radio. With the convenience of the supplied remote control, you can roam around your radio by switching between radio modes, altering settings and adjusting the equaliser/bass/treble (batteries not included – 2 AAA required)

Internet Radio

Spotify Connect


Remote Control

Dual Alarm

USB Playback


Dimensions30.5 x 13.8 x 13.6 cm
Weight2.08 kg

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3 reviews for Peterhouse Graduate

  1. roger prosser

    Just ordering my 2nd majority internet radio. i have one in lounge and in bedroom. i have a rob@@ts internet radio which unlike the majority if the internet drops for a few moments i have to press the button to reload it. or i have to do a reset when it dont come back on. the majority sorts it self out and its back on. the sound is just as good and a lot easier to set up and the price was a lot less so the majority will be replacing the rob@@ts.thanks majority.

  2. Robert Milne

    Excellent radio with clear reception good audio quality and thousands of stations to pick from. It is easy to set up and use with an easy to see clock with a dimmer facility in bedroom use when on standby. Easily makes it as a main home radio.

  3. Horst Breinlinger

    Dieses Radio hat meine Erwartungen voll erfüllt. Gerne wieder.

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