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Digital & Internet Radio Music System

The Majority Pembroke provides an impressive variety of internet radio, digital DAB+ and FM with thousands of stations to be discovered and enjoyed. For extra choice and personalisation, connect your device to the radio via Bluetooth or the supplied connection ports to listen to the enhanced music display system.


Perfect for your kitchen or living room, the Pembroke has a beautifully crafted wooden finish and easy navigation functionality that makes it a perfect feature in your living area, kitchen or bedroom. As part of the Majority brand, the Pembroke internet radio has been designed to create a flawless synchrony of variety and spectrum sound.

Experience a spectacle of global radio and cultures with the Majority Pembroke, or keep your radio adventure close to home with DAB+ and FM radio. With thousands of stations to be discovered from every country all over the world in the convenience of your home, radio has now become an adventure. Easily navigate to your favourite stations, set over 150 stations as your preset favourite stations on internet radio, DAB+ and FM radio. Using the supplied remote control, browse through your preset stations to enjoy some of your new discoveries (batteries not included).

The Pembroke includes a range of ports and features to enjoy your own music and streaming services. Using the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity or UPnP, you can immerse yourself in a spectrum of sound and enjoy your favourite playlists from the apps on your phone such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and many other streaming services. For devices without Bluetooth, connect to the radio via the AUX port or even insert a USB stick with MP3 files into the radio via the USB port.

When on a station, view station information and adjust the screen brightness on the LCD colour screen to personalise the radio to what is right for you. Tailor your radio to personalise your radio for its purpose and to suit any room, such as your kitchen side, living room or bedroom.
Experience your favourite audio in high definition with the stereo surround speakers. Offering Hi-Fi sound to enjoy your favourite stations and audio experience, the Pembroke offers an impressive and high-quality audio experience to enhance music display.

Set two alarms on your radio, with options of selecting the days you wish to set each alarm such as weekends, weekdays or daily. For further personalisation, enjoy exploring the thousands of radio stations as your alarm tone. Simply choose a radio station from 150 of your chosen internet, DAB+ or FM preset stations to wake up every day with a new adventure. When the alarm sounds, put it into snooze at the press of a button for extra moments of sleep.

DAB+, FM & Internet Radio

Dual Alarm


Remote Control

Headphone Jack

USB Playback


Dimensions31 x 11.6 x 12.4 cm
Weight1.58 kg

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8 reviews for Pembroke

  1. Anthony


  2. Anthony Deane

    Excellent value for money

  3. Rudolf Wolf

    Ich habe das Pembrode Internet-WiFi Dab,Dab+ Radio gekauft die W-Lan Verbindung war ein Kinderspiel,Dab Radio mit sehr gutem Emfang die Fernbedienung ist optimal und der Ton für die Größe des Radios erstaunlich.Die Internet Sender muß ich erst durchkurbeln es ist unfassbar was man alles empfangen kann.Ich würde es wieder kaufen.

    Rudolf Wolf

  4. Melanie Williams

    Easy setup with great sound

  5. Melanie Williams

    Great radio, easy set up, tunes in to all the stations you will ever need and sounds great.

  6. Mark Wilson

    Really happy with the product. It was easy to set up.

  7. Cecil shepherd

    Awesome radio

  8. Dean

    I am very impressed with the internet radio, do not use any of the other features. Very good signal strength (the four bars constantly remain lit up) and sound – clarity is amazing! It does everything, and more, than what it says on the box and from the Amazon description – reviews. Set up in minutes and working – the quality of the product, and (again) the sound, is exceptional – especially over the internet. The international stations sound like they’re local not on the other side of the world. Just wish I’d got it earlier – still getting to grips with the never ending available internet stations from around the world; something for everybody – currently addicted to Absolute Chillout which helps me to unwind – de-stress naturally and healthily. In the past I’ve tended to stick with Pure products but a comparable (internet) radio was nearly double the price and had less features. If you’re contemplating buying the product – I would highly recommend without any reservations – I’d go so far as to say it’s an investment in yourself ………………..

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