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Parkside Colour

Pocket Digital Radio with SD Card Port

The Parkside Colour is the latest addition to the Parkside series, and features an LED colour screen alongside the original great features of rechargeable pocket-size portability, DAB/DAB+ and FM radio. Insert a micro SD card to begin enjoying your own MP3 audio files via the SD card port. With a curved finish and compact size, the Parkside Colour is perfect for easily placing in your pocket.

Personally designed in Cambridge, England, the Parkside Colour has been developed from the popular Majority Parkside to have improved portability and functionality, with the additional touch of an LED colour screen and dual alarm clock. Despite its pocket-size, the Colour offers a range of features, a fantastic display and up to 13 hours of playback in a single charge!

Upload your favourite albums and audio to a micro SD card and begin listening to your personal audio on the go with the Parkside Colour. Please note that an SD card up to 32GB can be used.

Display and Sound Quality
Light and compact, the Parkside Colour is fantastic to listen at home or slip into your pocket to take on the go. With a sheeny black finish and sleek curved edges, the Parkside Colour is practical on the go and easy to slip into your pocket on busy days.

With the built-in aerial in the earphones provided, the Colour will receive a broad range of radio stations from a variety of genres. Offering great variety and a range of settings, including a dual alarm, brightness options and a sleep timer, the Colour can be tailored make it yours.

Up to two alarms can be set on the radio, which will sound via the connected earphones. Set the regularity of the alarms to Daily, Once, Weekdays or Weekends and wake up to your favourite station on DAB or FM.

A convenient sleep timer also features on the radio to automatically switch the radio off after the selected period of time.

The Parkside Colour offers a quick set-up with an easy to use instructions guide, allowing you to begin listening to digital DAB/DAB+ radio almost instantly.

When you’re listening to a great station, you can set it as a favourite preset option in a two-step method. With the choice of setting up to 20 preset stations on your radio with 10 on DAB/DAB+ and 10 on FM, you can now easily locate your favourite station and begin playing.

DAB+ & FM Radio

SD Card Port

Rechargeable Battery

MP3 Player

LCD Screen

20 Memory Presets


Dimensions7.7 x 1.5 x 6 cm
Weight0.07 kg

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6 reviews for Parkside Colour

  1. Chris Lord

    Just purchased. Initial signs very encouraging.
    SD use as important as the radio.
    Easy to set up and switch between modes.
    Track continues where left on moving back to SD.
    DAB gets its first outing tomorrow but, as said, encouraging.

  2. Jonathan c s Dow


  3. S M J Hall

    Gift for my son. he seems happy with it.

  4. Michael Graham

    Persevere with trying various ways to get the SD card/MP3 function working and you will be rewarded with a most excellent combined DAB+/MP3 player. Read what other users have discovered. For the price it is excellent.

  5. Raymond West

    This is an excellent product at a low cost. The only things that let it down are firstly, the poor sound quality of the supplied earphones – too much treble and not much bass. That is easily solved with better quality earphones. The other downside is the missing information about playing sound files from the micro SD card that you insert. Many users think that only single selected tracks can be played and that there is no shuffle mode. To play an album or shuffle all the sound files, you have to hold down the Menu button while playing a track to bring up a list of options. The playing mode can be opened and you can then select how tracks or albums are played including selecting the shuffle mode. A symbol appears at the bottom of the screen in blue to indicate the option selected. Unfortunately, the manual does not provide this information. The DAB and FM modes are excellent. Overall, an excellent product.

  6. Robert Rickwood

    Not used it yet so can’t give a review , but if it’s as good as it looks it gets a five star rating

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