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Neptune Free

Radio Alarm Speaker & Wireless Phone Charger

With modern technology and smart features, the Neptune Free features a QI wireless charging port to wirelessly charge WPC featured phones such as the recent models of iPhone, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and Note. As well as wireless charging, you can explore a range of audio options including FM Radio, wireless Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth calling, USB playing mode and charging, and AUX-In connection.


Developing on from the original Majority Neptune docking station, the Neptune Free has been personally designed in Cambridge, England. Providing new and exciting wireless charging technology, you can enjoy a great variety of audio connections and charging, as well as great alarm features.

Experience smart features of the Majority Neptune with wireless charging for compatible phone models. Simply place your phone on the top of the Neptune QI dock to begin charging your device.

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to begin playing music and playlists from streaming services on your smart phone, as well as being able to accept calls via the radio for high-quality speaker calls.

With a QI docking station and many convenient features including a dual alarm clock, the Neptune Free is perfect by your bedside as it provides convenience in a compact unit. Designed with a dimmable large and clear display screen, you can easily navigate between settings and adjust your audio.
The Neptune also has an impressive 25 watt speaker sound quality for a modest sized docking station and FM radio. Play your radio or device via the multiple connection points and Bluetooth knowing you are getting impressive sound quality.

Despite its advanced technology, the Neptune Free has quick-step settings to set alarms, snooze alarms and scroll to FM, AUX, Bluetooth or USB mode. You tailor your radio’s functions, sound and display at a touch of a few buttons.

Set a dual alarm with options of creating a ‘Sound Once’ and an ‘Everyday’ alarm with the alarm tone of an FM station, buzz tone or MP3 music from a USB stick.

Snooze your alarm with the large snooze button for extra minutes of sleep.

FM Radio

Dual Alarm

USB Playback & Charging

AUX Input


Wireless Phone Charging


Dimensions13.8 x 13.8 x 6.9 cm
Weight1 kg

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