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Enjoy all your favourites in amazing high definition with the Majority Lynfield DVD Player. Supporting a wide range of file formats and multi-region functionality, you can play everything from films to music to JPEG images via the USB and SD Card ports. The Lynfield boasts DVD and CD playback as well HDMI connectivity for the best possible picture and sound quality.

Reunite with your favourite films or TV series and encounter them with impressive high definition. With the DVD player’s multi-regional functionality, you can now enjoy DVDs from everywhere in the world. Use the USB port or SD card port to insert a USB stick or SD card with your favourite films, TV series and music for a Saturday night in, or share the adventures on your camera roll with your family and friends.

You can also enjoy listening to your favourite CDs, insert an MP3 CD or share your JPEG pictures through the TV in your living room.

Connect the DVD player to your TV via the quick, mess-free RCA cable to begin enjoying your favourite media. For improved attention to detail, use a HDMI cable or coaxial cable (not included) to experience a spectacle of sound and colour.

Use the supplied remote control to also tailor your viewing experience, including altering visual settings such as HDMI upscaling, OSD or reduce bass/treble options for night time viewing. Create an immersive sound by adjusting the audio options to heighten music, movies or dialogue. The DVD player also has DivX functionality. (SCH)

With the supplied instructions, you can easily set up your own DVD player in minutes! Simply connect the supplied RCA cable or alternative cables from the DVD player to your TV.

DVD & CD Player

USB Playback



SD Card Port

Remote Control


Dimensions36 x 17.5 x 3.8 cm
Weight1.14 kg

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