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Journey A10

Digital Radio Car Adapter

Take your digital radio on the road with the Majority Journey A10. Simply set up the DAB+ adapter in your car with the easy guidance instructions and enjoy a wide variety of stations. You can also listen to your own media on your Bluetooth device – this includes streaming playlists from your favourite apps.

Designed for easy connectivity to your car, the Journey A10 includes an active antenna for high-quality digital receiving to ensure that you can receive a wide variety of digital radio stations from multiple genres. Using the easy-guidance of the instructions manual, you can set up the adapter to your car via wireless FM Trx transmission, or connect to your car via the AUX cable if this is more convenient for you.

Connect your phone or tablet to the Journey A10 to begin playing your favourite music in your car. Play your favourite music via streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn and more in a few easy steps! For devices without Bluetooth, you can connect them to the unit via the AUX port to ensure your audio experience is not limited.

Once connected, your phone contacts will be imported to the Journey A10 for easy hands-free calling. Access your phone contacts and also accept calls in your car for distraction-free convenience.

For added convenience and safety, the Journey A10 also allows you to set up to ten digital stations as your preset favourites. To navigate to your preset stations, simply click the preset buttons at the top of the unit to avoid distraction whilst driving.

The Majority Journey A10 includes a window screen easy-click mount and a vent mount for easy installation and to set up your DAB adapter for what is right for you. Simply unclick from the car window-screen or the vent to remove the adapter for added security.

DAB+ Radio Adapter


Hands-Free Calling & Contacts Function

AUX Input

FM Transmitter

10 Memory Presets


Dimensions10.2 x 6 x 3.1 cm
Weight0.52 kg

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9 reviews for Journey A10

  1. Jonathan Carr

    What a wonderful bit of magic! Plugged it in and am now all ‘Dabbed’ up. Remarkable choice of stations, considering we are normally a very poor rural reception area, great clear signal and sound. Can now got LBC which is what I bought it for! Very well done and highly recommended product.

  2. Della

    Excellent easy to install, setup and use. Good sound quality. Great value for money. Atuo tubed stations easily and paired with phone and contacts first go.

  3. Big Andy

    Had mine for 18 months, and cannot fault it. Excellent product that is well worth the price…

  4. Roger

    Lovely device. Clean, clear screen and good sound.

  5. Brandon

    This is the best way to enjoy radio in cars that don’t have DAB or your area doesn’t have great stations. I can now listen to stations like Heart 80’s anywhere I want. The best thing I’ve ever brought was Majority A10

  6. Mark Stockdale

    Easy to install, it took me under 15 minutes from start to finish, and it’s been years since I last installed equipment in a car. The initial scan found over 50 channels and they are all very clear through FM or the Aux cable. With 10 presets, there’s room for all my favourites as well as a couple of the wife’s, (well it is in my car).

  7. Gary Thomas

    Easy to install apparantly … well I got my son, who is a mechanic to do it, and he did a cracking job after only 20 minutes. Works really well and Planet Rock sounds excellent through FM … early days but very happy

  8. Stephen

    After initial problems with auto tune not storing local stations. A re location of the Arial to the top of the Windshield appears to have sorted the problem. As for the service of the seller I can only say excellent 24hrs from order to Delivery. 5 stars

  9. Eboulé

    My name I sow your product and I’m very interested. I’d like to know if is it possible to us an external microphone for autoradio on it?

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